Minervest is an investment holding company that seeks to pursue investment opportunities with strategic and long-term potential. We hold significant interest in our portfolio companies and significant shareholdings where we deem it important for the Company’s strategic goals.

Our business is designed to offer prospective investors long-term capital appreciation by investing, directly and or indirectly, in different types of investments, as approved by the Minervest Board and the Investment Committee.

Our vision

Our vision is to build an investment company, in partnership with other strategic families, to make a generational impact and also give small investors access to special investments usually only available to larger institutions and families.

Facilitate and coordinate investments and relationships with family office projects

Create a vehicle for family offices and other investors to access projects not otherwise available to them

Have the flexibility to dispose of investments that no longer meet its investment criteria

Consistently deliver investment returns for our clients

Match investments with specialist families or investors

Boutique investments not always available to all investors

Co-investing with other families/family offices

Building a portfolio of Private equity/Venture capital


We operate a de-centralised management structure, providing financial, strategic and management support to our investee companies. We take a medium to long-term view on investments, while retaining the flexibility to dispose of investments that no longer meet our investment criteria, and the agility to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.