Our focus is on acquiring businesses and other investment instruments in strategic sectors that tend to become non-elastic over time.

Investment sectors that fit the broad focus of the company, consist of:

  1. Property
  2. Decentralised ledger and blockchain technologies
  3. Private equity and venture capital
    1. Mining, commodities, energy and related
    2. Agriculture and related
    3. Financial services
    4. Technology
  4. Family office networks, clubs and related
  5. Other Special sustainable impact investments if not covered above.



The Company will focus on the strategic sectors being non-elastic over time.


At present, our investment focus is primarily on Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia and the United States of America. Europe is still internationally recognised as the hub for international financial services and the capital centre. While Africa is primarily viewed as a major source for natural resources, with global companies actively looking for opportunities, many non-resource-related companies are venturing far and deep into the African continent to tap into African economic development.


Our investment proposition is centred on:

A proven track record of generating superior returns for shareholders

Alignment with investors, families and underlying business opportunities.

A deep understanding of business and wide networks which may unlock opportunities to which other investment entities and funds would not ordinarily have access.

An entrepreneurial, nimble and innovative approach

Efficient resource management structures

Significant market access through the shareholders and task teams around international family office opportunities


  • Property¬†
  • Technologies¬†
  • Mining and commodities
  • Energy
  • Agricultural
  • Financial services


What is our ideal acquiring opportunity:

  • Fit into our investment sectors
  • Management and administration fit
  • Future growth potential
  • Established principles and service/products
  • Approval by our Investment managers, specialists, and policy
  • Financial expectations and returns create a sustainable business

Implementation Process:

  • Initial discussion and information requirements
  • MOU and related legal formalities
  • Deeper dive and Due diligence
  • Board and investment committee approval
  • Legal Agreements and implementation planning
  • Implementation